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쉴드그린 어싱 마우스패드(68x25cm)- 전기장완화, 정전기제거

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  • (8-1)ShieldGreen-Earthing Clip(Crocodile Clip+Crocodile Clip Type)


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  • Free rental service for measuring equipment for purchasers only: Ground checker + Potential measuring instrument-Deposit


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About the product

  • Washable High conductivity Stainless steel wire fiber(No metal plating, No nano metal & heavy metal pollution) / Made in Korea
  • Earthing side:Eco-friendly Stainless steel wire fiber(25%)+Cotton(41%)+Polyester(34%), Other side: Non-slip Fabric
  • Earthing mouse pad + earthing snap for grounding / The multi-tester are sold separately. If you need an earthing snap other than the USA , mail to Shieldgreen
  • Size: pad- 10x8 inches(25.5x21cm), Earthing snap wire- 3m,Mouse Pad for EMF,RF Shieling and earthing snap for simple grounding
  • Fabric care:1.Washing at gentle cycle 30°C & Use neutral detergen 2.Roll and wash the earthing side inside 3.Use a laundry net 4.If it smells,Soak the laundry in a water little vinegar and wash it 5.Don't wash it often 6.Don't use much detergent,Softner 7.Do not use hand washing,hand dehydration 8.No dryers, No bleaching, No chemical dry-cleaning

The earthing mouse pad is made of Washable real stainless steel wire fabric, Back side Non-slip silicon. Mouse pad + Including earthing snap(wire length 3m) It can be used as pad by laying under the mouse. There is a pouch inside which you can put an earthing snap and put it on a hard mouse pad that you used. It can also shielding and earthing are important habits to keep you healthy. Shieldgreen Earthing Therapy Staric is a safe, stainless steel that is washable and can be used safely. It is different from silver nano or metal plating type fiber which cause metal pollution and metal allergy to human body. Stainless steel wire fiber used by Shieldgreen provides comfortable earthing therapy as a sanitary material. Comfortable design enhances the quality of your sleep. Washing is done by single use, laundry net, neutral detergent, washing machine wool or lingerie course. Please do not dry clean, hand wash, twist by hand. All products are handmade directly from South Korea. This product doesn't use electricity and is connected to the ground terminal.


Laundry Information

The products to which the earthing snaps are applied are equipped with buttons.

So you should be careful not to be damaged by friction with the washing machine during washing.

Make sure that the button protrudes into the inside of the washing machine, and that it is washed in the washing net.

When washing, be sure to use neutral detergent. The amount of detergent should be as small as possible.


Measuring the potential change before and after the earthing

- Human body voltage does not rise and fall equally for each part of human body.

- The electric potential varies from person to person and from place to place.

- There is no reference value for the earthing effect.



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Product 쉴드그린 어싱 마우스패드(68x25cm)- 전기장완화, 정전기제거
Manufacturer shieldgreen
Country of Origin China
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Product Code P00000VI
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